Iam Franny. I was born in Kansas, grew up in Michigan, was educated in California, and lived in Detroit, Michigan and in Beacon, New York. I have traveled all over the world. I ended up in Cuenca Ecuador…read full bio
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Who the heck is Franny Hogg?

Who the heck is Franny Hogg?

I live in the highlands of Ecuador, where GUINEA PIGS (called “cuy”) are ROASTED AND EATEN FOR DINNER! But not these two. They live in my garden.

“Franny, nobody loves a DEAD horse…”

We were in our car on our way to church one morning, my parents and big brother in the front seat and my younger brothers and I in the back, when my father muttered, “Let’s hope Franny doesn’t see that…” That, was the leg of a horse sticking up over the tailgate of a truck,

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Small hurts, and things once lost…

Our lovely house in Beacon, New York When we were contemplating moving to Ecuador, my husband and I discussed what we thought we would need to be happy in our faraway home.  I said I wanted to be able to go back and visit my family every 18 months. But I hadn’t been back there

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Arrgh! A Pirate’s Life is NOT for Me!

Piracy is a sore subject for me. I prefer not to engage in it but here in Ecuador, if you want to watch a movie and you don’t have some kind of fancy computer set up, you can buy any DVD you want. You just can’t buy a legal one. I like to watch TV

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