These Wee Bones


These Wee Bones — First in the series!

A buried garment. A blind woman’s visions. New flowers on an old grave.

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When a neighborhood clean-up project unearths a sad secret, clues from unexpected sources pull Callie Sadler back in time to unravel an old mystery, and ultimately to discover that she isn’t the only one living in the past–and that her life is in danger.

As in all the best novels, Frances A. Hogg takes us to a place we’ve never been before, in this case an inner-city Detroit neighborhood where we meet a variety of living, breathing, very real characters, a true neighborhood where everyone is invested, struggling against overwhelming odds.  We admire them and we struggle with them. Hogg gives us a character, in Callie Sadler, we can get behind.  For a murder mystery, this novel is surprisingly heart-warming.  Very well done!  Very enjoyable read!

                                                                                –Joseph Chafets


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