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What’s Cookin’, Cuenca? is a guide for those who are interested in learning how to buy and prepare food in Cuenca, Ecuador, where water boils at a lower temperature and baking soda is a controlled substance meted out by the teaspoonful!

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This book provides advice about shopping and includes translations of the names of foods and culinary equipment, metric and temperature conversions, recipes and more. This amusing and helpful book is for everyone planning on checking out Ecuador as a place to live who might wonder what types of things to bring with them, and for all those Gringos who discovered over their first “home cooked” spaghetti dinner, that while tomate means tomato and salsa means sauce in Spanish, salsa de tomate is not tomato sauce.

What’s Cookin’,  Cuenca? An Expat Guide to Buying and Preparing in Ecuador, is a book that I wish I had when my husband and I moved to Cuenca from the US ten months ago. This expat guide describes and explores shopping for food in the mercados, big chain food stores, specialty stores, and tiendas; and offers English and Spanish for many of the foods and condiments. How cooking is different as far as attitudes, packaging, kitchens, ovens, measurements, and meal times, etc, is well noted. This little book brims with a wealth of useful information for anyone intending to live and cook in Cuenca, Ecuador. Contact information for supplies of specialty items is offered. Well organized and easy to use, this book is artfully flavored with wit and humor.

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